About Neverland Coffee Co.

Life is too short to take anything too seriously...


If you've tasted Neverland Coffee you'd never have believed that Mick didn't start drinking coffee until his mid-twenties but when he did, it changed everything.   After taking a job working for Keurig, and learning how the single-cup coffee manufacturer operated and approached the specialty coffee industry, he became interested.

In 2012, Mick's life was transformed when he was hit in a head-on collision that nearly ended his life.  His love of coffee and his lack of mobility lead him into studying the coffee industry, and he began a search for the freshest best tasting coffee.  

For those that don't know, there's only one end to that journey and that's roasting it for yourself.  Once he got that far he began learning variations in blends from origins around the world, and various roasting methods.

Mick started Neverland out of his home.  His hobby (turned infatuation, okay...maybe by that time it was an obsession) led him to continue to find the best quality coffee roasted fresh and full of flavor and body.  

His approach to life is at the heart of Neverland Coffee's mission.  To "Believe in Magic", to continue to see the extraordinary in everyday life.  To remember that everyday is a gift, and it's important to not take life to seriously.

...Because no matter what happens, life will either be a good time or a good story, over a cup of great coffee.